Finding Greatness

Well today was a hard day…yet I am seeking that silver lining I have talked about in the past.  I know, you just did a palm insert forehead, here Mike goes again. Do not worry, this is going to be an upbeat one.  I am going to reflect on the good things that happened today. […]

Beauty is in the Sound of Words

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about something which rational, achievers who never provide themselves time to “dick around” with their lives rarely explore. Creativity.  I have never been one to be all that creative…or so I thought. I could never draw. except for those S’s where you draw three lines in […]

The Break Up

This week has been an interesting one for me. I have had a roller coaster to say the least. I was on the brink of a dream job, but had a perfectly good alternative slide into place. I had a solid group of guys to live with and we were close to pulling the trigger […]

…And the Pursuit of Happiness

The third of those iconic rights enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence is easily the most elusive. Happiness. Who defines happiness, who decided that in order to be happy we need to meet a preconceived notion of what happiness is.  The last week or so, I have been picking my way through a Time […]

Hope Springs Eternal

I have always been one who trusts that things work out in the end. Despite any hardships or sorrow, you will be able to look back and understand it with time and perspective. Whether you believe in God, Yahweh, Allah, cosmic forces, or no forces, I think we can all see that sometimes there is […]

An Ode to Siblings

Well I have not posted in quite some time. For those of you who are new, please explore and read the old posts. I like to think there are some gems in there. For those of you who religiously click on the link each time it is up on Facebook, thanks for being back.  Last […]

The Transition Point

I am at this moment in my life where I am unsure of what I want entirely. I thoroughly enjoy Washington, DC and all the experiences I have had in this amazing city, but yet I have so much back home in Chicago that I love. I have some amazing friends, great family, and a […]