Being a Feminist

Watch the speech! If Hermione cannot convince you to stand up for women, then I do not know how well I can do. However, I will try to articulate why I am a feminist. A simple idea with a simple word to define it, yet this idea sparks conflict and strife where peace and agreement […]


One of the most common ironic tags on social media as of late has been #blessed. For example, you walk down the street and notice a cloud in the shape of a rabbit #blessed or the barista at starbucks spells your name right #blessed. It has become a rather ironic way of describing a situation. […]


America has become enthralled with the latest Cinderella. The University of Dayton.  Well, I saw Cinderella first. As a University of Dayton graduate, I have been stressing to people since I first found out about the school how amazing it is. The word community is not just something we put on admission’s brochures or use […]

And the Greatest of these is…

As the winter chill is setting in and the days dwindle down, I like taking time to reflect on the last year. I definitely think it is important to look back and relive certain moments. Also, this reflection can help us identify successes we forgot about and lessons we may have learned in failure that […]

Promises to Those Who Follow

Well is appears insomnia has set in once again…for those of you who are new to this blog, it has remained relatively constant because of my perpetual insomnia. Tonight the key contributors are an intense Wire episode and what I can only presume to be a mouse. Do not worry roommates I will pick up […]

What You Learn in College

Tomorrow my brother will begin his first day of class at U of C. He has been there playing football for the last several weeks, but I wanted to give him some pieces of advice before he starts actual class. (Side note, remember I never use real names) Below is an open letter to him.  […]