Finding Greatness

Well today was a hard day…yet I am seeking that silver lining I have talked about in the past. 

I know, you just did a palm insert forehead, here Mike goes again. Do not worry, this is going to be an upbeat one. 

I am going to reflect on the good things that happened today. Focus on the positives. Positivity is often seen as naivete. As not understanding the world for what it is. As somehow not having lived enough to understand negative emotion. I do not think being positive is weakness. I think it is strength. Truly acknowledging the bad and still seeking good is not weakness. 

I found strength in friends, in snap chats, in family, in an Arnold Palmer can, and in a missed phone call. I got home and still was not 100%. In fact, somehow at the end of all this seeking, I was still down beyond belief. Yet, a great silver lining came in the Ted talk my professor mentioned in class today.

I am glad I sat quietly for 20 minutes to watch it. It helped me think about things. It gave me the courage to write this. It gave me the ability to dust myself off and look towards what is good. When we focus too much on the past it becomes our world. It becomes our life. When we focus on our shortcomings and challenges rather than our victories and opportunities, it becomes impossible to be great. 

I end days like today with a prayer and reminding myself of a Pope Benedict XVI quote, “The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” I am hoping that I was made for greatness because I can assure you this is not the most comfortable. 

Until next time friends, be safe and make good decisions…


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