Beauty is in the Sound of Words

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about something which rational, achievers who never provide themselves time to “dick around” with their lives rarely explore. Creativity. 

I have never been one to be all that creative…or so I thought. I could never draw. except for those S’s where you draw three lines in two rows then connect them. I can show you some time. I could do those damn well, even create shadows so they looked 3-D. I was never very musical. I hated practicing the trumpet and the drums. I never really could sing much nor dance, but I love to do both of those. I like to pretend I can act. After all, I was Mayor Shinn in the Music Man in 8th grade, but then again was being a politician ever really acting for me? 

My creativity has never come in the avenues that people want it to. I have also had a good imagination. I loved playing make believe games. We used to have this long, narrow table that sat behind the couch in our basement when I was little. I would pretend it was a tunnel that I had to crawl through to make it through the space ship or hide from the criminals or find the treasure.

But every kid does that.

Who does not make up their own little fantasy worlds at times. I know plenty of adults who still live in their own fantasy worlds. So I kept thinking about it do I even get a chance to express myself creatively. Do I provide that opportunity to myself? 

I would say yes. It is through writing. I have always kind of on and off kept a journal, where I just write. Sometimes it is a conversation, other times I just need to write something down. I really have found my writing stride in this blog. 

I got my love of writing from the literature I grew up on. My Mom, she is simply the best, used to read books to us every night before bed. She would do voices for all the different characters and get us wrapped up in the story. I was taken to far away places. Out to the great plains with Laura Ingalls WIlder, solving mysteries with the boxcar children, or doing myriad other things every single night. I learned how the written word could elevate me to a whole new world. It was something magical. 

Words can paint pictures far better than any brush can. Think of the difference between words such as glimmer and glisten. We all know the difference, but there is genuinely no way to describe it. While other words can describe emotions in different ways or expressions can help truly show someone’s nebulous meaning with something that resonates with each one of us. 

Words can elevate the soul and take us to new places. Words can be uplifting, but they can also be hurtful. Words can help us explore our deepest and darkest desires. Words can show us the beauty of friends and the joy of family. Words allow us to express ourselves. Words can show us the way when we are lost. Words are worth more than any two coins you can rub together. WORDS….nothing is better, so use them wisely. I surely try to. 

Until next time, be safe and make good decisions…


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