An Ode to Siblings

Well I have not posted in quite some time. For those of you who are new, please explore and read the old posts. I like to think there are some gems in there. For those of you who religiously click on the link each time it is up on Facebook, thanks for being back. 

Last week, right before heading back to Chicago for my brother’s High School graduation, my mom sent me a New York Times piece on having siblings. I really enjoyed the whole idea behind the article and it got me to thinking about the very nature of having siblings. 

Never will your parents be solely focused on you. No matter how hard you try you are competing for attention with a handful of others. This teaches you humility. It teaches us the capacity to share the spotlight because in life…rarely is it ever all about you. 

You will get teased for how you may be “different” or your flaws. You learn quickly where you might be a little strange. This teaches you that no one is normal. Most importantly, normal is VASTLY overrated. Normal people have life “figured out.” They got decoder rings along with their first bath. Guess what, I like being weird. I like not being normal. 

Your siblings will appreciate different things, let’s just take mine for instance. I will number them so they don’t get too called out, but some of you will know. Oh. PS, I am on here too: 

  1. He loves politics, Philosophical discussions, ice cold budweiser, Chicago White Sox, and fashion 
  2. He loves sports, rom coms, being a loyal friend, putting in a hard days work, NASCAR, and as of late…ice cold Modelo’s 
  3. He loves learning, video games, comedies, a cat nap in the late afternoon, the Blackhawks, the Bulls, and an acerbic wit
  4. He loves pushing himself to be the best that he can be at everything, Jay-Z, being supportive of people. knocking people’s socks off in football, and devouring every scrap of food in sight 
  5. He loves “getting swoll”, good rap music, spending time with Sunny and Scott, being around his big brothers, and taking instagram selfies

I have come to appreciate each and every one of their interests. As we all continue to discover who we are. it will be very cool to watch these interests change with time and learn so much more about various things. Such as having number 2 teach me how to do work on a car because that is what he is learning now. While not always understanding them or seeing eye-to-eye, I can still be curious about what they know and delve into their knowledge and passions to know them better. 

Having siblings has taught me one of the best lessons ever. Showing up and being present is a huge thing. While I have yet to meet a person who enjoys attending a graduation that is not their own, it is important to be there and was important for me to be there on Sunday. I was so proud to watch my brother and his two cousins walk across the stage this Sunday. Sure the bleachers were uncomfortable and you could not really converse, but nonetheless it was fun to yell when his name was called. Being present was something my recently deceased Grandfather was very good at. I only wish to carry on his tradition and hope my brothers do the same. 

The last thing having siblings has taught me is the most important lesson in life. Love is abiding, unconditional, damn hard to show, and even harder to figure out. I love each one of my brothers more than I know how. It is hard sometimes to show that love to people who you have wrestled with, yelled at, been frustrated with, and been picked on by. In the end though, you have some spectacular moments on long car trips, brief family gatherings, quick phone calls, and lazy Sunday nights that make it all worthwhile.

Guys, you have taught me some amazing lessons and virtues. You have always pushed me to better than I am in each of your own way. The first 23 years of my life with you have been a rollercoaster. I cannot wait to see what the next 23 and the 23 after that have in store. 


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