Be Mine Valentine…

Each year Valentine’s Day rolls around and I consistently here the various opinions on Valentine’s Day. Either A oh my by boo got me flowers and candy and took me to this amazing yesterday, B  Oh Valentine’s day is such a Hallmark holiday just to do things for one another, or C the Valentine’s day haters if you will….I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY IT IS JUST A TERRIBLE HOLIDAY NO ONE LOVES EACH….blah…blah…blah…

This is the first time I do not have someone to spend Valentine’s day with nor a Birthday to celebrate, holler to two of the biggest BAMFs I know, so it was an interesting day for me. I got to spend time with some friends, work, class, and reflect on this day. The reflection led me to this post. 

First of all, I hate people who hate on Valentine’s day. The day, in its purest sense, is about expressing love to the person you care the most about. It is about sharing your heart, soul, and everything with this person. A deep abiding love which sees no bounds and no limitations because this person means everything to you. The holiday is not about greed, jealousy, or anything except giving yourself wholly to another. In its proper sense it is about true love. 

Although can true love be more than just romantic? I believe so for sure. I posted a thought catalog a little while back about your soul mate not being romantic. I believe so much that love is not just romantic. We should say I love you more. If you do not love your best friend, how can you call them that? And if you do love your best friend, do you ever say it? 

Love, for whatever reason, is something we avoid like the plague in our society. We should not run from it, but embrace it with open arms. Love should be something we are proud to say we have and share with others. Sure, love makes us vulnerable and means we have to show emotion, but that is what makes it beautiful. Love requires you to let people in, but sharing yourself with another is how you connect. Sharing yourself is how this life begins to transcend the simplicity of every day to something more, something much better. 

Let us do better with sharing our love and making that real. Let us do better at making ourselves more available to those we care more about. Show your emotions and love those around you. I know when I do, it makes my life a lot better and I can really enjoy my time. Think outside the box in love and experience it. 

Well until next time, be safe and make good decisions…


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