Cut the Labels Off

Labels often make things much easier for us on many occasions. We know the size of clothes, how to wash our favorite shirts, and who made them. They can give us some insight into the product we are buying, the nutritional value of those Lucky Charms, and can tell us what something is on a quick glance. Labels can be very useful, but we should focus them on the inanimate objects and not people. 

We all use them to identify ourselves or others, but isn’t that placing people in a box. Making them an object, more so than a real person. Should we not strive for a better attitude toward one another. We can do better than bagging and tagging one another to compartmentalize them in our mind. It is more convenient to do this, but think about all the labels you can be known by…

I am a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew, a Godfather, and a grandson. I am a Flyer, a Redwing, a Colonial, and a Trojan. A Benet friend, a College friend, a DC friend, a Best friend. A Catholic, a Democrat, an American, A Movie buff, a Book lover. A social media junkie, a techie, and a blogger. A trivia buff, a voracious learner, and a questioner. A bad dancer, a beer drinker, a karaoke singer. A conversationalist, a news junkie, a whiskey sipper. A White Sox fan, Irish fanatic, and a Flyer faithful. A lover, a fighter, a debater. A Sorkin addict, a quote lover.  

If you can tell me what any of that means…you are better than me. 

Let us avoid those labels and of course, be safe and make good decisions…


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