Of Mice and Men

If you are anything like me, then you usually have this elaborate plan for what you will get done in a week. Oh I will go grocery shopping Monday, work on my paper for next week Wednesday, maybe get a little laundry down Thursday, and maybe drop off some dry cleaning on Friday morning. Also, […]

Be Mine Valentine…

Each year Valentine’s Day rolls around and I consistently here the various opinions on Valentine’s Day. Either A oh my by boo got me flowers and candy and took me to this amazing yesterday, B  Oh Valentine’s day is such a Hallmark holiday just to do things for one another, or C the Valentine’s day […]

Cut the Labels Off

Labels often make things much easier for us on many occasions. We know the size of clothes, how to wash our favorite shirts, and who made them. They can give us some insight into the product we are buying, the nutritional value of those Lucky Charms, and can tell us what something is on a […]