The Easy Myth

Optimism is essential in this life. You will be faced with unkind people, bad job situations, having to be the bearer of bad news, experiencing bad luck, getting broken up with, falling short of your dreams, and a plethora of other perils that could befall you. Yet there are plenty of joys in life such as weddings, new babies, the smile of someone you love, laughter, a warm blanket, and a helping hand. 

Optimism is key so that we can make it through the disappointments in life and come out the other side seeing the good it can offer. The problem with optimism is that people often get lured into this myth that at some point in their life things get easier. 

I am fighting the same battles plenty of 20-somethings with college degrees are going through now. The search for the elusive entry level job in a career field you actually want to be in. The debate between having one more drink or getting home at a reasonable hour to go for a run in the morning. The desire to be with friends, but the reality that rent is due on the first of every month and you should save the $27 for rent rather than dinner and drinks. The endless hunt for someone you might be able to settle down with. 

These are just a few of the challenges.

I look at people older than me and wonder why do they have it so easy? But then again they are facing mortgage payments, college tuition, attempting to set a good example for their children, continuing to have a happy, healthy marriage, and hoping that their children turn out better than they did. Ok, maybe not so easy. 

Then I look at friends still in college or high school and I wonder wow, why did I not appreciate how easy it was then? But wait they are balancing raging hormones, the desire to be “cool” (whatever that means), the search for individuality, the approval of classmates and teachers, getting along with roommates, and all the while searching for High School/College head over heels love. Ok, again maybe not so easy…

The beauty of our life on this Earth is that it is defined by challenges. Nothing worth your time is ever going be handed to you easy. The battle is what makes the victory that much sweeter. Do you think Michael Jordan never worked for his championships? Do you think Picasso said, oh I do not need to give the world a masterpiece? Did Eminem not lose himself in the music, the moment? 

There is no such thing as the “easy” life. It is important to delete that myth from your brain and acknowledge that everything comes with some cost. It takes tough times to appreciate the good ones. So savor those ramen noodles you twenty somethings as you have one more budweiser to polish off a long day. Do not forget to enjoy the good and do your best to take the bad in stride.

Well until next time friends, be safe and make good decisions… 


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