The Modern Family

This is a post i have been wanting to get too for a little bit, but alas life being home has gotten in the way of fixating upon my LED Laptop screen. I have been busy with family, friends, and great conversations. 

Christmas Eve is a big deal in my family, it is also a consistent treat. We have a dinner at our Grandma’s house, proceed downstairs for a 40 minute mass complete with a Christmas pageant, and the cherry on top of the sundae is the Christmas pajamas every year.  This Christmas Eve had one of my favorite moments in recent memory. 

No family is perfect. Not even close to being perfect or anything near that. Perfection is not the goal for a family. Whether you parents are divorced, your sibling is in prison, or your uncle is a recovering alcoholic, do not hesitate to think that each family comes equipped with their unique set of problems. 

Also, families are diverse. Not everyone in a family is meant to become a lawyer in the Smith and Smith firm or a Doctor in the Smith Memorial Wing in Community Hospital. The beauty of family is the diversity it can expose you to and the love it can teach you to have for one another. 

I come from a HUGE family. Whenever there is a party, you have to factor 40 attendees before looking outside the family and that is not counting our two pseudo family members. We have doctors, salesmen, teachers, phd’s, and advertising experts. We have sports nuts, political junkies, and musically gifted individuals. We come from all different experiences with some feeling the call to serve communities through basketball or medicine. We have some who found their passion in coaching, others in the lab. While many are still searching for their own niche. 

The thing about having such a diverse family is that love does not manifest itself in any standard way. The moment I am speaking of happened on Christmas Eve. I was sitting with my goddaughter in my arms asleep. While holding her and watching her dream of sugar plums and Santa, I looked around the room. I saw a good chunk of my 25 cousins conversing and enjoying each other. It was an amazing sight to see the family bonding after all our ups and downs. 

I could not help put a smile on my face and appreciate the family I have. it also dawned on me the importance of recognizing the diversity of family and the beauty it brings to life. I have been able to experience so much vicariously through my family. Everything from study abroads to varsity sports to planning weddings, their experiences have been amazing to share and enjoy. 

I miss my family a lot out in DC and it has been a blessing to spend so much time with them as I have been home for the holidays. I urge you to treasure family, as screwed up as they may be, because they are the only ones you got. Love is not necessarily the obvious manner it is shown as in pop culture. Often times it makes an appearance through the foundation they provide for you to lean on and their unwavering care for you. 

To my family members who read my blog, I love you all like crazy. You are all incredibly different and bring something tremendous to the table. I will miss those of you who I will not see for a while and am truly inspired by the many amazing things you each are undertaking. 

I have noticed most of my blog posts contain some fundamental lesson that I think is worth sharing. The lesson here is twofold, never, ever think a normal family is the goal, but rather a family who can love and rely on one another. The second lesson, never take family for granted and remind them of how much they mean to you. 

Well, Happy New Year to you all, and until next time, be safe and make good decisions…



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