A Correspondence to the Beyond

January 21, 2013  Well, I have started this entry in my head several times, but have yet to put the pen to paper or should I say fingers to keys. Finally, the time seems right to give this a go and see what comes of it.  Dear Grandpa Jim,  It has been a little over […]

The Easy Myth

Optimism is essential in this life. You will be faced with unkind people, bad job situations, having to be the bearer of bad news, experiencing bad luck, getting broken up with, falling short of your dreams, and a plethora of other perils that could befall you. Yet there are plenty of joys in life such […]

13 things for 2013

While I do not necessarily believe in New Years Resolutions, I do believe in taking stock at this time of year. It is a nice time to take inventory of where things stand. Reflection is important and can allow for perspective. In order to improve, we must acknowledge our flaws. Thus I have been doing […]

The Modern Family

This is a post i have been wanting to get too for a little bit, but alas life being home has gotten in the way of fixating upon my LED Laptop screen. I have been busy with family, friends, and great conversations.  Christmas Eve is a big deal in my family, it is also a […]