What will they say when you are gone?

For whatever reason, the holidays always are a time of great joy, but also great sadness. Currently in my life, far too many people close to me have said their final good byes. While some were taken far too early, others got to live full, complete lives. 

Now, I recently lost my grandfather and I do want to address that in a blog post, but that will come with time. I am not ready to finally say good bye yet. I want to walk the road to Emmaus with him and share stories and enjoy the time. 

The death around me got me thinking about some of the bigger questions. Some of which I cannot shake. What would you say in a eulogy about those close to you? What would you comment on their family, friends, work, faith, social activities, or general musings? What would someone say about you? Would your children/spouse/best friend be proud to hear the words? Would they feel you were captured in those brief remarks? 

I must take a break from the thrills of Microeconomics and Statistics to dwell on these questions because some things in life are vastly more important than game theory and t-tests. 

One of my favorite quotes was passed down from me by my father. I am not sure if it is a quote or a poem but it follows below: 

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.-Forest Witcraft 

The idea behind it being to not count your possessions, but count the people in your life. Do not count what you do not have, treasure what you have. The people that love you are far too precious to spend time ignoring. Go ahead, substitute child in there for any person in your life and you can see it works in every case. Count the hugs you receive, not the presents under the tree this Christmas (bro hugs count too). 

Focus on the people you love and imagine they are not there tomorrow. What words could express the love and admiration you have for them? How could you express sorrow at their passing, but joy in the promise that you will meet them again? 

Write a note praising the life of someone who you know. Admittedly, this is something which is much harder to do with people you just met, but try with an old friend. See what you would say. After writing it, you can keep the thoughts to yourself or pass them along to the person. Watch it light up their day. We must never miss an opportunity to remind someone of their special place in our hearts. 

Do not live your life for yourself, live it for those around you. Look to help and serve the people who need your helping hand. Do not hesitate to be a shoulder for someone to cry on or offer someone a hug if it looks like they might need it. Trust me your eulogy will be much more interesting if you live your life that way.

Do the best you can to be better each day and tell those around you the love you have for them. You never know when you may not get that opportunity to say it. I almost missed mine. Remember people will long forget the wealth, success, and possession you had, before they forget the kindness, respect, and love you showed them.

I know this post is a little sadder than others, but it is so true. Live life as you want to be remembered each day. You never know when it becomes too late to not do that. 

Well, until next time, be safe and make good decisions…


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