Think Outside the Box

Well, for those of you who do not know, I am stuck in the District until tomorrow afternoon. Things just worked out better to leave tomorrow afternoon. So I have had about two days in the District by myself to do some musing, thus I have done just that. Therefore we not share my thoughts.  […]

Third time is the charm….right?

Well many of us find ourselves in our third decade of life. As I am super marioing through this decade attempting to get enough power ups to make it through the tough levels, I keep reading all these advice pieces or things talking about your 20s. Especially how much my third decade will change me. […]

What will they say when you are gone?

For whatever reason, the holidays always are a time of great joy, but also great sadness. Currently in my life, far too many people close to me have said their final good byes. While some were taken far too early, others got to live full, complete lives.  Now, I recently lost my grandfather and I […]