Titles Mean Everything

What is in a name? OH what’s in a name? To Timon and Pumba, a name was nothing. Many of us know though that a name, is everything. It conveys immediate purpose and message. It can elicit soaring emotion or deep sadness. A name must be well crafted and thought out. It is the ultimate first impression. Whether that name be Michael, Mike, McLovin, Slim V, Ves, Vessie, the Rev, or V-dogg. Each name says something about you or the object.

So why the name of the blog? Be safe and make good decisions. It seems slightly counter intuitive to what I have been posting about living life. Be safe and make good decisions is not a cautionary tale, it is a frame of reference, a constant reminder on how to live a life. To understand anything we have to delve into its origins…

A few years back you may remember the tragic case where members of the Duke lacrosse team were accused of raping a young woman at their party. We will not rehash the case here, but after that event the coach set up his phone so he would send the whole team a text before every weekend, “Be safe and make good decisions.” A simple reminder, do not be a complete idiot. It does not mean do not have fun, but rather you should know where fun ends and bad decisions begin. I am sure if those boys could do it over again they would take back that night in a heartbeat.

Now for people who have ever been in a model un meeting with me, gotten my classic mclovin smile, or had more than a few conversations with me, you may have noticed I say this phrase a lot of the time. Just a reminder to the people I love and care about, do not be an idiot. I want you to continue to be a part of my life and be there the next day so please be safe and make good decisions.

Although, I must tell you, the phrase is about none of you. At all. It is solely a reminder to myself. I have way too much to live for between family, friends, a goddaughter, colleagues, my future, best friends, cold beer, summer days, snow days, politics, beaches, running, traveling, a good cry, a hearty laugh, a bad joke to ever risk it all on one bad decision, one unsafe moment. It is my reminder to be a shoulder to cry on and another laugh to fill a room. The motto is an excellent reference, an excellent way to understand your life. Just, Mike, do not be stupid!

Never ever forget how much you mean to those around you and to the people who love you. It is so incredibly important in life to be there for people and to never ever forget how many lives you touch. So continue to live life, but be safe and make good decisions…


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