Life as a rollercoaster

When I first came up with this idea, I thought it would be a journal of my life as you can tell from my pilot, but alas the networks called and have determined it should take on a different form.

I like the idea of keeping a journal or just some astute observations about the world around me. I promise there will still be some updates on life, but mostly just casual commentary peppered with humor and what I can only hope would be solid observation. Unfortunately I am not nearly as astute or humorous as I like to think I am, but if you shoot for the moon, you land among the stars.

While I will never be as funny as or as culturally observant as I can only hope to bring my own flare to the blogosphere and allow those who so desire to gain some real insight into my mind. To quote the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, “and here we go…”

Well, rollercoasters…quite possibly one of the greatest things ever to entertain oneself. Also the best metaphor I have ever found to equate to life.

You spend a lot of time looking towards the future, the next great thing which will be coming. You kill the time wandering through line, engaging in conversation, listening to music, playing on your cell phone, people watching (I swear amusement parks are the best microcosm of Americana and you can find every type of person there)  or whatever compels you to bide time. Then as you approach the ride your pulse quickens slightly, perhaps you breathing rate speeds up, and just a touch of adrenaline starts coursing through your veins as you know the fun is rapidly approaching.

As you step into the new adventure, you do a quick safety check to make sure you are not completely screwed. Still some risk in your adventure, but you have security against the big risks. As you climb the first hill, you sit there and wonder why the hell am I doing this, I am an idiot, get me off, this sucks, I am a moron, what is….oh my god this is so much fun. I love this. WAHHOOOOOOO. This is great wow, awesome, whoa did not see that turn coming, whoa flip, whooooo, I love this. (Deep breahting, catching your breath) Wow that was great! Let’s do that again! Wow! OMG! I wanna go back, let’s get in line again.

In case you did not follow, you just rode the rollercoaster. The turns, drops, and flips all threw you off and as you come back to the station you realize it was a lot shorter than you imagined it would be. At the end you realize wow that was so worth the wait and the emotional stress you put yourself through in order to achieve the excitement of the experience.

Life should not be boring or a mere place holder for the time being. You have got to live it to the fullest and do your best to take it all in. Do some observing, but never stop living. Life should be a rollercoaster of experiences always challenging you and pushing you outside your comfort zone. Complacency is one of the worst ruts to get into. Get out and enjoy life while you have it.

Hopefully you can relate, if not well, sucks to suck.

Writing is a great avenue to help get some things out there and put thoughts down on paper. Hopefully you will read and continue to follow me, if not its cool. I promise it will get better. Until next time, be safe and make good decisions…


4 thoughts on “Life as a rollercoaster

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