The Pilot

Like any good television show, you always need a quick test run to see how everything will work when trying something new. In order to get a sense of the audience and how the ratings will play. I am hoping to get a sense of how to write this and what will work. Well here it goes…

One of the main reasons I am starting this blog is to help keep up with my family all across the country and soon to be globe. It is also an effort to keep up with friends who will be everywhere from Dayton to Chicago to New York to California to overseas. I am hoping to help people see my life and what I am experience as I turn the page on four of the most amazing years of my life to a new experience in an awesome city. Well I should recap the flurry of activity the last few weeks have been. 

The inevitable march to graduation became very real after coming back from New York City after National Model United Nations and pulling off an award for UD. I turned over the club to an extremely competent new group of individuals who will do a fabulous job carrying on the club. Then came the various senior dinners and free meals, all of which were an awesome opportunity to be with great friends and professors all of whom shaped part of my amazing UD experience. Those who I have to thank for it know who they are and I will definitely be forever grateful to them. Then came my last tour at UD, the perfect close to an awesome last week, the group was excited about the entire UD experience and seemed to have bought in to the best campus I have ever set foot on. The people to the ghetto to the classes to the community, I cannot explain the experience I had at UD. 

It was finally capped off by graduation weekend. I had my godmother and uncle come in from Seattle, grandmother and step-grandfather from Florida, and my two aunts, grandparents, four brothers, and my own parents from Chicago were all in as well. It was an excellent weekend of celebrating and enjoying our time together from the baccalaureate mass to the graduation ceremony, which I found to be rather short in contrast with my family. It was so cool to show people the Chapel, the ghetto, and the rest of campus which all looked great. I was so glad to share the experience I had over four years with them. 

The final conclusion came in Daytona Beach, Florida. After a brief stop in Georgia at a “Quality” Inn, we arrived in Daytona for a week of fun with friends. The trip is sponsored by UD each year with musical acts and free beer on the pool deck each day from 1 until 3. The evenings have specials at the bars in Dayton Beach and of course the Arcade. It was a great way to see friends for the final time before moving on to the next part of my life. I will truly miss some of the most amazing people I have ever met, but hope to keep in touch with many who have nothing but amazing futures in front of them. 

After a 21 hour drive home over two days, a night in a VWK dorm room, and a hospital stop in Kentucky, I can honestly say I have had a little time to reflect. 

Looking back, the last four years have been some of the best times in my life. I look to myself four years ago and could never imagine the growth I would undergo as a person or the experiences I would have from running a marathon to being mentioned on the floor of the Ohio Senate to walking on the floor of the US Senate. I have had the opportunity to have some opportunities afforded to few people. While not everything may have gone according to plan or how I would have liked, I can honestly say everything taught me something about who I am and what my priorities are. As this summer progresses, I will hopefully continue to reflect and have more thoughts, but as of now I am just looking to the new opportunities available and hoping to capitalize. Until next time…be safe and make good decisions.


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